SISMA Archive
The ground-based CoRoT complementary archive SISMA (Spectroscopic Indicators in a SeisMic Archive, Work Package 3.3 of the SpaceInn project) contains 7103 spectra of 261 targets observed with the HARPS spectrograph. 71 of these stars were CoRoT targets observed mostly simultaneously with the satellite, and as such the CoRoT photometry (N2 data) of these objects is present in the archive too. The remaining stars were observed in order to better characterize the variability classes of the CoRoT targets.
SISMA contains
SISMA contains: the reduced, calibrated, normalized spectra, both merged (nor.fits) and unmerged (full.fits), their mean line profiles (mean.fits), the photometry (if available), a summary table with all the spectroscopic indicators and velocities (all.fits), and two PDF quick-look files (the best-fit with the synthetic spectrum and the standard deviation of the mean line profiles form their average).
SISMA query
SISMA can be queried either by name of the object (i.e. V2291 Oph or HD169689) or by choosing a variability type from a scroll-down menu. It is possible to search for both the photometry and the spectroscopy or only one of them. The data can be either plotted or retrieved.
For any question concerning the archive please contact:
Monica Rainer:
Ennio Poretti:
If you use the data in the SISMA archive, please cite the paper:
"The SpaceInn-SISMA Database: Characterization of a Large Sample of Variable and Active Stars by Means of Harps Spectra"
Rainer M., Poretti E., Mistò A., Panzera M. R., Molinaro M., Cepparo F., Roth M., Michel E., Monteiro M. J. P. F. G., 2016, AJ 152, 207
Name Variable type Spectroscopy